Peter Kane - Author, Counselor and Relationship Coach


Author of "The Monogamy Challenge: Creating and Keeping Intimacy," Peter is a pioneer with over 30 years experience teaching workshops and counseling individuals and couples. He helps people uncover and resolve the subconscious issues that challenge us in any area of life & relationships. Peter also assists individuals in making the shifts needed to: Attract and manifest intimate supportive relationships; Communicate in ways that resolves relationship issues and increase intimacy; and Create and maintain sexual connection.

Peter's groundbreaking book offers a broad, deep, clear, and non-judgmental look into the many issues that make sexuality and monogamy challenging. As Judith Orloff MD, author of "Emotional Freedom" put it, "A fascinating look at monogamy and the dynamics of erotic energy." But "The Monogamy Challenge" is not just about how to create and sustain vital monogamous relationships. Since our whole life is about relationships, the principles and issues Peter addresses serve to empower us in every area of our lives.

Peter will be talking with Dr. Pat about as she said "his more than just one size fits all approach to relationships" See his web site for list of events, articles, and blogs. Peter is available to teach in your area and for counseling, coaching, and breathwork at his Redmond Washington office or via telephone. 425/802-2050 or